dewalt circular saw 20v problems

Dewalt Circular Saw 20V Problems [Detailed Explanation]

Some of the common Dewalt Circular Saw 20V problems are 

  • Saw is not responding properly
  • Brake is stuck
  • Grinding noise coming from the circular saw
  • The circular saw is overheated
  • Cutting performance is not good enough

To fix this issue, you need to troubleshoot and then replace a few components. To get a detailed idea, keep reading this article. 

Common Dewalt Circular Saw 20V Problems: Quick Difference

The following table shows some of the common problems along with their solution related to the Dewalt Circular Saw at 20V. 

Saw is not responsiveCharge the Battery, Replace the Motor Brush
Stuck brakeClean the Brake Assembly Vents, Replace the Motor Brush and Armature
Cutting performance is not goodSharpen the Blade, Replace the Blade
OverheatingReplace the Motor
Noisy OperationReplace the Bearing

Dewalt Circular Saw 20V Problems: Detailed Difference

Let’s get to the details of some of the problems along with their solution for the 20V Dewalt Circular Saw. 

Saw is Not Responsive:

The Dewalt Circular Saw is not responsive if the battery is not working properly. This means that the battery is low or not charged properly. Either way, you need to charge the battery fully and properly connect it to make the circular saw responsive. 

Apart from this, a bad motor brush can also make the saw unresponsive in some cases. You need to replace the motor brush if it is not working. 

Solution: Charge the Battery 

To achieve a full charge for your DeWalt Circular Saw battery, adhere to the following procedural guidelines:

Utilize the Appropriate Charger: Ensure the application of the charger supplied with the circular saw or an officially compatible alternative from the same manufacturer. Deviating from this directive may compromise the efficacy of the battery charging process.

Insert the Battery: Affix the circular saw’s battery to the designated port on the charger. Concurrently, observe the presence of an indicator light on the charger, serving as confirmation of power reception.

Charging Status Indicators: Familiarize yourself with the nuanced behavior of the charger’s indicator light. Typically, alterations in color or intermittent blinking serve as visual cues denoting distinct charging phases. For precise details, cross-reference the manual, as disparate models may exhibit variant indicator behaviors.

Completion of Charging Cycle: Upon the attainment of a full charge, the indicator light should manifest a stable illumination or assume an alternative coloration, contingent upon the design specifics of the charger. This serves as a reliable indication that the circular saw’s battery has been thoroughly charged and is ready for operation.

Solution: Replace Motor Brush

Following are the steps for replacing the motor brush in a 20V Dewalt Circular Saw. 

  • Disconnect the saw from the power source
  • Identify the brush cap on the motor of the saw and detach it. You will find it on the motor’s side, the brush cap can be disengaged by carefully unscrewing it.
  • Extract the worn-out brush from the motor. The brush should smoothly slide out, but you can use pliers to remove the brush if it is difficult. 
  • Introduce the new brush into the motor, ensuring precise alignment with the motor’s armature.
  • Restore the brush cap to its original position and securely fasten it by tightening the screws.
  • After the installation of the new brush, conduct a comprehensive test of the saw to verify its operational integrity and confirm that it is functioning seamlessly.

You can check this video to get a detailed idea on replacing the motor brush on a Dewalt Circular Saw. 

Stuck Brake:

The brake is stuck in the Dewalt Circular Saw if there is a lot of debris in the braking mechanism or if any of the internal components such as the armature and brush are damaged. 

This is a serious issue. If the brake is stuck, stop everything and get it fixed first. Because the brake mechanism works to prevent the blade from spinning when the trigger is released, this means you will be protected from unwanted cuts or accidents. 

You can fix them by cleaning the braking mechanism. Apart from this, you can replace the damaged components such as the armature or brush to make the brake work properly. 

Before you begin fixing the stuck brake make sure to check the brake assembly properly. Watch out for any broken components. If there are any, replace them. 

Solution: Clean the Vents of the Brake Assembly

To clean the vents of the brake assembly apply clean, dry air to dislodge dirt and dust from all air vents. 

This practice can stop the accumulation of debris that could obstruct the brake assembly and ensure proper ventilation for the saw’s components. Make sure to properly check the manual for smooth operation of the brake assembly. 

Solution: Replace the Brush and Armature

Make sure to check the brush and armature if the brake is stuck. The armature problems often bring about worn commutators. These occur when carbon brushes rub against the commutator surface, causing the brushes to wear down faster and affecting their performance. 

On top of that, a burnt-out armature can lead to more resistance and potential overheating issues. All these troubles collectively mess with the motor’s efficiency, resulting in a brake that just won’t cooperate. Keep an eye on your brushes and armature health to ensure your circular saw runs smoothly.

If there is any problem then replace the brush

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Cutting Performance is Not Good:

The Dewalt Circular Saw will not show good cutting performance if the saw blade is dull or not sharp enough. You need to sharpen the blade or replace it to ensure a better cutting experience from the circular saw. 

Solution: Sharpen the Blade

Check if your blade is sharp. If it’s dull, you can either sharpen it on your own or get a professional to do it for you.

If sharpening doesn’t fix the problem, or if your blade is already sharp, the saw might be misaligned. For this, it’s best to get a skilled technician to adjust the saw accurately.

Solution: Replace the Blade

Here’s a simple guide on changing the blade in your Dewalt Circular Saw:

  • Make sure your saw is unplugged or not connected to any power source.
  • Hold the blade lock button and use a blade wrench to secure the blade in place.
  • With the blade wrench, loosen the blade clamp screw.
  • Move the lower blade guard back to expose the blade.
  • Take off the old blade carefully.
  • Put the new blade in, making sure it’s aligned and seated properly.
  • Use the blade wrench to tighten the blade clamp screw, ensuring the blade is snugly in place.

Remember, it’s crucial to know the diameter and teeth count of your saw blade. You can find this info in your manual or on the blade itself.

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Dewalt circular saw overheats if there is any issue with its motor. If the motor is not working then your circular saw will suddenly. You need to replace the motor to fix this problem.

Dewalt circular saw overheat
Source: Pro Tool Reviews

Solution: Replace the Motor

Following are the steps for replacing the Dewalt Circular Saw motor. 

  • Make sure your saw is unplugged or not connected to any power source.
  • Take off the screws holding the side handle in place.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the rear handle to the saw’s main body.
  • Once the handles are off, you’ll see the motor. Look for the motor’s ventilator – usually a grill or opening on the saw’s body.
  • Gently unplug the motor wiring connectors from the motor’s terminals.
  • Lift the motor out of the saw. Be careful not to damage any nearby parts or wiring.
  • Put the new motor in, ensuring it’s correctly aligned and seated.
  • Plug the motor wiring connectors back into the motor’s terminals.

Noisy Operation:

Dewalt Circular saw making noise during operation means that there is a problem with the bearing and that the motor is not working properly. You can fix this by replacing the bearing or the motor. 

Solution: Replace the Bearing

Following are the steps of replacing the bearing. 

  • Make sure your saw is unplugged or not connected to any power source.
  • Unscrew the screws holding the top half of the handle.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the end cap to the saw’s main body.
  • Carefully take out the motor brushes from the motor.
  • Once the end cap and motor brushes are off, you’ll see the armature bearing. It’s usually a big, cylinder-shaped thing attached to the motor’s shaft.
  • Gently remove the old bearing. If it’s stuck, pliers can help you get it out.
  • Put the new bearing into the motor, making sure it’s aligned and seated properly.
  • Pop the motor brushes back in, reattach the end cap, and tighten the bolts. Put the top half of the handle back on, securing it in place.


Why Does My Dewalt Circular Saw Have a Weak Cutting Depth?

The Dewalt Circular Saw has a weak cutting depth if the blade is dull or the saw is not aligned properly. To solve them you can sharpen the blade or just re-align the saw properly. Apart from that, low battery power or overheating issues can also lead to the cutting depth being weak.

How Can I Fix a Dewalt Circular Saw 20V With a Smoking Motor?

If you see smoke coming from your DeWalt Circular Saw 20V motor, it might be because there’s a problem inside the motor. One reason could be worn-out brushes. These brushes can make the motor get too hot and start smoking. To check if this is the issue, you can take apart the saw and look at the brushes. If they’re burned or worn out, that could be the culprit.

Why Is My Dewalt Circular Saw Experiencing Battery Drain When Not in Use?

Dewalt Circular Saw experiences battery drain when there is low battery power or if the battery does not get discharged enough. Apart from that if the brush or the internal part of the battery is not working properly then the battery will drain. 


In conclusion, Dewalt circular saw 20V problems are related to its saw not working properly or if the saw overheats properly. You can easily fix them by replacing a few components or taking them to the technician. However, make sure to properly maintain the circular saw so that it works for a longer time.

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