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Welcome to BestSawguide. We are happy to see every reader here!
If you are interested in woodworking, DIY projects, or are looking for guidance on the selection, maintenance, and use of a variety of saws and cutting tools, our site will be of great help to you.
We help our readers make informed decisions when it comes to selecting tools for woodworking or other cutting tasks.
We would like to note that we pay special attention to safety during using specific tools for cutting different materials. Your safety is important to us, so in our articles, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to use this or that tool and often add photos/videos that may be useful to you during a project.
We focus our efforts at providing you with clear, actionable tips so that you can learn what you need and execute your project successfully.
So if u are involved in woodworking or looking to enhance your knowledge about various cutting tools and techniques, you found the right place. We are going to help provide you with effective tips so that you can execute your project successfully!

Meet the BestSawguide Team

John Carry- Founder & Editor

I’m John Carry, also known as a woodworker I have been a professional saw expert for over 10 years. I worked with every type of saw machine out there, and experiment to find which tools work better.
I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills and help those around me. Ohh i truly love my job and i am always happy to share my knowledge with others.
I’m here to help you every step to step how to do your project!

John carry

Tony Darryl - Specialist in carving & woodworking

I am a writer on this website, and specializes in carving, woodworking, and other processes. My knowledge and experience will help my readers to understand how to work with tools safely.

Stay in touch,
The BestSawguide Team

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