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Can You Cut PVC Pipe With A Circular Saw (Before Cutting Pipe You Should Follow These Tips)

PVC pipe is a product that is most commonly used by plumbers when doing their duty. This item proves that it can be used for almost every new project that needs water. The question people ask is, can you cut PVC pipe with a circular saw without damaging the pipe? The answer is, YES! 

But many people do not use circular saws maybe because they think PVC pipes are difficult to cut. But the truth of the matter is that with the right tool, you can cut PVC pipe very easily. With the right circular saw your problems of cutting PVC pipe are solved.

In fact, if you are working with PVC now and need to cut your pipe, then read on to see what can be used to finish your project.

Cutting PVC Pipe with a Circular Saw 

Cutting PVC piping with a circular saw is not hard. You just need a stable working place as well as the right type of circular blade for PVC pipe cutters. 

Actually, in order to start any project with PVC, you are going to cut the PVC pipe to reduce it to the right size. 

Cutting PVC pipe is simple, more than any other building material. The only reason that you may not use a circular saw for cutting PVC pipes is that these pipes are very soft. So your blade can get damaged easily while using it on PVC pipe. 

Whichever tool you use to cut PVC pipe, each of these tools can cause serious damage to the user if it is not used properly. You must be aware of where to place your hands when cutting your pipe, no matter the tool you are using. Be it manual or power. Ensure you clamp the PVC pipe to hold it firmly when cutting.

Ensure that the blade you are using is the right one. Also, make sure that the saw is working at the appropriate speed for proper cutting. Last but not least, ensure you support the pipe well during cutting. This is good to protect it from scratches and nicks by wrapping it in canvas material or similar material. 

Here are the steps for cutting PVC pipe with a circular saw.

Step 1 – Clamped the PVC Pipe 

Ensure your PVC pipe is clamped on a stable surface.  And if using a miter box, ensure that the box is also secured to a stable table. Using the vice, C-clamps or quick-release clamps is a good idea. This is good to protect the pipe on the table. Ensure that this is very close to the cut-out. It helps in improving safety because it stops the PVC pipe from moving and remains firm while you are cutting.

Step 2 – Mark The Cutting Line 

Measure on the pipe the size want to cut accurately. You can use chalk or a pencil so you can know where and what to cut through the clamp. Ensure that the marks are accurate because once you cut you can’t reverse it.

Step 3 – Use The Right Blade

Ensure you put the right blade into the circular saw. Loosen the nuts to install the blade then fit your blade again. Be careful and see that the teeth of your blade are facing the direction that the circular saw will be rotating.

Step 4 – Cut Through the Pipe

Check where the mark is and place the circular saw on the PVC pipe. You can use your other hands to press the saw down on top of the pipe.

Be very careful and ensure the saw is straight and don’t move the saw away from the line you marked. Do it slowly until the pipe cuts completely. And that is all. Now you have your needed piece of PVC pipe.

The Easiest Way to Cut PVC Pipe 

Cutting PVC can be a tricky thing, especially if you are not used to it. Note that fitting the destroyed PVC pipe is another problem. That is why you need the right tool to cut it though. The poor technique normally leaves the cut ends rough. But with a proper tool and technique, you can cut PVC pipe for square and get smooth results.

Another important thing is to take caution yourself. The sharp teeth on the blade can you very easily. Be very keen and don’t take your finger too closer to the saw blade.

Generally, the secrets to making a clean cut are to use a high cutting speed and to feed the PVC pipe through smoothly. Ensure that the saw has a dust or chip extraction. 

  • Cutting PVC with a circular saw

When cutting PVC with a circular saw, choose a saw blade with alternating teeth that is suitable for PVC pipes. Ensure that the teeth angle is around 15° -15°

  • Cutting PVC pipe with a jigsaw

You can use a jigsaw to cut PVC pipe smoothly and with little effort. The jigsaws should be able to cut pipes of around 1 ½ inches in diameter. Make sure you connect the dust extraction then use a saw blade suitable for PVC pipes. 

The jigsaw speed should be set at medium or high speed. Now move the saw gently through the PVC pipe. Remember to support the pipe on a stable table and clamps to make it firm. This can also prevent the pipe from vibrating during cutting. Ensure that anything you are cutting is not larger than the length of the saw blade.

  • Cutting PVC pipe with a bang saw

If you want to cut PVC pipe with a band saw, select a blade with very fine teeth around 2.5 mm. Maintain a high cutting speed, but ensure the PVC pipe passes smoothly along the saw. And of course, ensure you support the pipe well using proper clamps or pliers.

Types of Saw Blades Use to Cut PVC

Types of Saw Blades Use to Cut PVC

Using a bigger PVC cutting tool with the blade is not easy and these cuts are not flat. For a smooth cut on PVC, you need to look for one that has a higher number of teeth. More specifically, you look out for blades that are sharp and big in size. Here are the saw blades to cut PVC.

  1. DEWALT DW3106P5

This is the top-notch saw blade that is very popular in the market. It features a tougher tungsten carbide to allow the blade to stay sharper for longer periods of time. It also comes with the best kerf. The kerf is designed to be thin to allow for the fastest and smoothest cutting action at its maximum. 

  1. Makita A-93675 

This is another best saw blade. It has fully hardened and expertly hands tensioned steel saw plates for better cuts. The kerf is ultra-thin for a faster cut and smooth crosscutting.

This saw blade can manage a maximum speed of 5,870 (RPM) which is actually a very high speed

  1. Tin HSS circular saw blade for cutting PVC pipe

Tin is a multi-purpose PVC coating that is very hard and has a high oxidation temperature. The reinforced position hole enables the saw blade to be better fixed on the machine, and avoid loosening.

For the cutting of PVC materials, the blade offers excellent performance. And can effectively improve the cutting speed and reduce the loss.

How Do You Cut PVC Pipe Without a Cutter? 

The hacksaw is the most common method used to cut the lengths of PVC pipe. The simplest and most useful cutting tool for pipes is a hacksaw. Almost every individual has seen or used a hacksaw in one way or the other. However, if you have not, no problem read on and see how.

Both hacksaws and back saws work the same but are slightly time-consuming and can cause extra work to de-burr the edges of the cut PVC pipe. 

This too is best if you want to cut one or several pieces of PVC pipe. It is cost-effective and does not need a motor to function. 

To cut using a hacksaw, you need first to clamp the PVC pipe. Then put a mark on the PVC pipe where you want to cut through. You can use a clear marker to show the part where you want to cut. 

Insert the teeth of the saw into the pipe. Place your hacksaw where the mark is and hold it well. Then, use the other hand to hold it down on top of the saw. Sink the teeth into the pipe.

Start sawing and make sure to be careful as you cut. Also, do not let your saw drift from where you marked.


how do you cut PVC pipe by handsaw 
Hardworking plumber wearing safety gloves while cutting with a saw some pipes to build a new pipeline system

Using a handsaw is one of the most common ways to cut a PVC pipe. This is because the tool basically does all of the work for you. Like the plastic pipe cutter, handsaws are quite inexpensive to buy. You can use almost any kind of saw, but a hack saw is the best since it is more flexible.

To use a handsaw to cut the pipe, just clamp or hold the pipe over the edge of a workbench. Then place your saw on the mark at the point where you need to cut. Saw in a front and back motion, all the way through the pipe until you it is completely cut.

What Tools Can Cut PVC Pipes? 

There are many different tools you will get for cutting PVC pipes. One of the tools that are good for beginners is a PVC pipe cutter. The tool makes PVC pipes cutting into smaller lengths easy. These tools include:

Power Miter Saw

There are so many miters saw blades on the market. This makes it difficult to know which miter saw blade is perfect for cutting a PVC pipe. It has a general-purpose blade. Using a miter saw is the easiest and quickest solution to cut PVC.

A miter saw will allow you to cut quickly through the walls of PVC pipe, no matter what size of pipe you will be working with.

Scissor-Style Pipe Cutter

Scissor-Type Tubing Cutter is one of the high-quality cutters for cutting PVC pipe. Cuts made with these tools are typically neat and clean requiring very little deburring of the cut or clean-up of excess swarf. This makes it a popular choice for many plumbers and professionals looking for an effective and safe way for cutting PVC pipe.

Ratchet-Style Pipe Cutter

A ratcheting pipe cutter is designed for cutting straight, and easily. The piece point blade is made for accurately cutting without cracking or crushing the pipe. The blade is designed with stainless steel for long life and a durable cutting edge. 


Do I need a special blade to cut PVC?

To cut PVC pipe you can use the combination wood and metal blade with a 10/14 TPI configuration. But, there is no special blade for cutting PVC pipes.

Does PVC pipe have to be cut straight?

Since PVC doesn’t bend or shape, it’s important that you cut it, straight especially when attaching other fixtures or fittings onto it. Ensure the cut is straight always.

Can you cut the PVC pipe with a wood saw?

Just like any saw will cut wood you can also use a wood saw to cut PVC. The biggest problem is that wood saw blades are not long enough to cut larger pipe sizes without rotating the pipe being cut. 

Does Lowe’s cut PVC pipe?

You cannot use it to cut PVC pipes. Lowe’s only cuts black iron and galvanized pipes to custom lengths.


Making projects out of PVC pipe will need the pipe to be cut. The good thing about PVC is that it can be cut with different tools. A range of different tools including circular pipe cutters, hacksaws, and a hacksaw, handsaw can be used to get the job done properly. 

A circular saw is actually an important tool in every plumber’s toolkit. Circular saws make it possible to achieve clean cuts and precise cuts through different materials.

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